Jule and the school for dachshunds

We were in Germany and Diego met his best friend Jule again!

That’s Jule:

jule3Here a few pictures of the daily walk:

DiegoundJule2Diego&JuleDiego standing still:digalotDiego: “mhhhh yam yam yam treats…”


Together we visited the school for dachshunds. The training was very funny. Many thanks to the dog trainer!

Arbeiten in der Dackelschule

Jule had much fun too and showed the exercises to the others!


Diego now has many new friends:




sweet tara



With all this great dogs around us we wanted to shoot a group photo. How this all works you can see in a little picture story:

Chaos at the beginning! Nobody knew in what position they should stay.

Tara: Without me guys! I can’t be bothered.

durcheinanderDiego: Come Jule, we ran away!

Jule: Let’s go!

Momo: Wait, if we are nice, we will get treats!

komm wir hauen abStanley: Master… mistress…I want to play. I dont need treats…

Diego: I will look to the camera now!


Stanley: Can I come now? Yes?

Jule: Watch! There are goose!

Diego & Jette: Where?

Momo: Guys!!! The treats!

jetztStanley: I come!!!ich kommeMomo: Where is Stanley?

Diego: I don’t know! I am watching the treat!


Diego: Boring! I will go now, bye! I am so fast that you cant follow me!

Stanley: Noooo… Diego please stay, because I want to play soon.

Diego: Okay! But now you all have to look!

und tschuess

Photographer: Now I have some photos I think! This one looks good:

Diegounterdackel1Stanley: YAHOOO!!! Finally we can play and run!


Stanley: It is so funny! What do you think Jule?

Jule: Of course! Here I come!GaudiWOOOOF!!! Guys we go home now!

bis baldDiego: *hihi* Okay! See you next time!

huhuMore pictures in the gallery:

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