A meeting with friends

Yesterday we were in the fields for a walk. Josie and Diego were running around and suddenly Bambi and Lucy came over with their friend Fabio. Diego and Josie were glad to see them and of course they played with each other.

The birthday walk of Bambi:

Josie: Hey Diego look! Do you see the dogs over there?!

Diego: I think that’s Bambi and Lucy with their Chihuahua friend Fabio!


Beide: Can we go over there, mummy?



Josie and Diego ran over to great them!

Lucy sprinting: Hey guys!!!


The struggle to get a group photo:


Diego: Please sit down Lucy!

Josie: Hurry up, because i want the treats I deserve for being such a good girl!

Lucy: Yamyamyam there are some treats on the ground! Give me a second!

Fabio: Hey! Save some for me too!


Diego: Oh man! I’m so fed up with this!

Josie: Well, I’ll just stare at mummy for a little while longer, hopefully I will get more treats then.

Fabio: Good idea Josie! I’ll try that too!

Bambi: Lucy come on, let’s take a mother – daughter picture!

Lucy: Okay, one moment please … yam yam yam…


Lucy and her mother Bambi (birthday dog):


Lucy:  Let’s catch some mice Fabio!

Fabio: Are you sure? I will watch you catching mice. I think that is an better idea!


Lucy: Guys, we have to go now, cause it’s getting colder!


Josie: See you soon! Have a nice birthday, Bambi!

01112014pic15kleinDiego: It was a lot of fun being with you! See you soon!


Josie: They are walking away…

01112014pic9kleinDiego: We will see them soon again. Let’s play!

01112014pic12kleinJosie: Try to catch me! Hihihihihi

01112014pic23kleinDiego: I will catch you! grgrgrgr


Josie: Never!!

01112014pic22kleinDiego (some time later): Now we will go home. It’s getting late now.


Josie: You are right Diego!


Josie: Let’s go!

01112014pic20kleinSee you soon!


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  • Sunday November 2nd, 2014 at 01:16 PM

    Danke für den lieben eintrag!!! Es hat uns auch sehr gefreut, euch zu treffen!!! Viele bussis lucy u bambi


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