The adventure on the Pöstlingberg

Diego, Josie and Robin met at the city and wanted to explore the Pöstlingberg.

On the Pöstlingberg:

Robin: Guys, I can’t see a road…


Diego: Climb up higher Robin!

Josie: Yeah much higher!

Robin: Now i am high enough…


Robin: We have to go to north-west!

09112014Robin2kleinDiego: Okay let’s go. We will see if we can find gnomes!

Josie: Diego wait for us!

09112014JosieunddieJungs2kleinDiego: I think we should go to the top of this little hill. Maybe we can see something there.

09112014Diego5kleinRobin: Good idea! Diego watch out if you can see something…

Diego: Okay!

09112014Diego1kleinDiego: I cannot see anything, can you both come to help me watching?


Josie: Yes, we are here!

09112014digrobjos1kleinRobin: Cannot see anything too… Do you think the story with the gnomes is true?

Josie: I think they are hiding from us.

Diego: Hmmm… When there are no gnomes, I think we should play! What do you think?

Josie: Of course we should!


Later on…

Robin: Come let’s walk to the clearing!

Diego: Okay, but the ball is MINE!

Josie: Well, I don’t want the ball!

Robin: Oh, here it’s beautiful!

09112014Robin7kleinDiego: I think our mummys think it’s beautiful here too, cause they want to take a photo or more…

Josie: We will see how the photo will look like…

Diego: Mummy seems happy, I think it’s good!
09112014Fotoich2kleinRobin: My mummy is satiesfied too!

09112014freyaundrobin1kleinJosie: Diego, I think we will drive to your favorite place now!

Diego: Really? That makes me happy, there we can run a lot.

Robin: I am very exciting now!

Diego: You will love it there!

Some time later the three little Shelties arrived…

Robin: You are right Diego! The environment is wonderful! Let us run into the sunset!
09112014robdigjos5kleinMore photos of the lovely trio you can see in the gallery:

See you guys!!

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