My birthday – new lens

Diego running in our garden:

funnyDiego and his balls:

You are mine!!


Grrrrr grrr grrr


What do you say ball? Someone want to take you away?

lustigWhere is he? That’s my ball!!

niemandklautsichdenballTzzz i will take you with me!

dichnehmichmitThere is another one! Hihihihihihi

dugehoesrtauchmirballI will keep him too!

Lottchen2I hide the balls! Would someone play with me?

wirfdochI catch you!!

ichkriegihnHe is coming, he is coming!

imponierenGot him!

meinshaettetihrwohlnichtgedachtNaara: I will get another one you will see!

naaraNaara: That’s mine!


Here two pictures of Diego and Naara! They are friends now.

vertrauenDiegoundNaraHere are more photos:

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