Josies pregnancy

Josies pregnancy was normal. She was hungry all the time and very playfull.

Sometimes I was afraid as she was jumping around like crazy!

I can feel all the 3 puppies through her stomach – It is a wonderful thing.

Josie changed a lot – not only her stomach but also her glance! 🙂

Our christmasphoto 2015:



We had a very beautiful Christmastime – Josie had half time 🙂

Also silvester was no problem. Diego doesnt like fireworks but Josie only hated that she wasnt allowed to go outside hihi.

Crazy dogs playing in January:


Josie crazy like always:


Also Diego had a lot of fun:

Josies glance:


The dreamteam:


Josie at the end of the pregnancy – 8 days due to birth:


Now we are waiting for the puppies. We are preaparing everything!

See you soon 🙂


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