Josies sister Ivy

After 4 month Josie was playing with her sister Ivy again.

Ivy lives with a friend. We are very happy about that and maybe we will start the therapydog education together!
We met Ivy two times and now i want to show you some photos of the meetings:

That’s Ivy:

20122014ivy7kleinAt our first meeting it was very windy, as you can see at the standing ears hihi 🙂

20122014trio2klein20122014trio1kleinAfter a lovely walk we went in into Ivys new home:

20122014schwestern2klein 20122014schwestern3klein 20122014schwestern1klein 20122014trio3kleinAls wir dann heimfuhren waren Josie und Diego und ich denke auch Ivy ziemlich erledigt aber zufrieden 🙂

We met for a christmas walk on the 24th of december. Diego, Ivy and Josie were playing the whole time.
They had so much fun as you can see on the following pictures:

24122014mitivy3klein 24122014mitivy6klein 24122014mitivy4klein 24122014mitivy12klein 24122014mitivy2klein 24122014mitivy1klein As you can see they cant stand still for one moment:

24122014mitivy10kleinI can say all 3 dogs were very happy and tired at the end 🙂

Two photos of Ivy:

24122014mitivy8klein 24122014mitivy7klein

In the gallery you can see more:

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