International dog show Salzburg

After Josie successfully started her therapy education, we were at the international dogshow in Salzburg. Diego and Josie did a great job.

Diego presented himself really well and got an excellent 4.

In Josies class it was really exciting because Josie and another girl had a battle about the first place (there were 7 bitches in the ring). This time Josie stayed at the second place (Excellent 2). The bitch which won also got the BOS!

I am very proud of my lovely shelties! Also because they did also well at the show in Graz. Diego got an excellent 3 and Josie an excellent 3 too (out of 9 bitches!!!)

Congratulations also to Sarah, which got excellent 4 with both of her shelties (Belly and Comet).

Here some photos of the show:



Our Dreamteam


bellyshowsalzburg2kleinSee you 🙂

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