Walk with Diego and Jamie

A short story with the actors

Diego (15 month old):


Jamie (4 month old):

jamieliebDiego shows Jamie his territory

wasistdaJamie: What are you doing?

ichschaumalJamie: I have to look closer!

Diego: Come on! Here is so much more to discover!

ichkommeJamie: I hurry!

diegojamieliDiego: Look at this! Isn’t it a lovely view?

DiegoujamieJamie: Beautiful…

diegoujamie2Jamie: So and now let’s play!

Diego: Not now!

spielmitmirJamie: Ohh please Diego please!!

geradenichtDiego: No! Let us go over there to see more! By now you didn’t see everything!

kommmitDiego: Let’s go!

daistwasJamie: Where are you, Diego?

Diego: Look for me!

lustigJamie: I am on the way! See you guys! I have to search Diego!

2 thoughts on “Walk with Diego and Jamie

  • Tuesday March 4th, 2014 at 09:06 PM

    Hey diego,
    You are very handsome.
    I just looked on your pedigree and you are related to my Ludo. His dad,
    Myndoc on a Mission, is your grandad.

    • Tuesday March 4th, 2014 at 11:01 PM


      Thank you.
      I watched your homepage. It’s really nice.
      Maybe we will meet one day.

      Yours Diego


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