CACIB Klagenfurt 2015

This year we were at the CACIB show in Klagenfurt. The weather was great like the atmosphere! Saturday was a SUPERSATURDAY for us, because Diego and Josie both won their class!

Diego got an  Ex1, CAC and the RES. CACIB!!!

His judge report: “masculin, correct bite, good head and expression, correct ears, good neck, shoulder and topline, correct angulations, good coat, moves well”


Josie got an Ex1, CAC – J (Best Junior) and is now qualified for CRUFTS 2016!!!

Her judge report: “feminine, correct sides, correct bite, good head and expression, correct ears, good neck, shoulder, topline and angulations, good coat, moves well”


Josie in the main ring: She was great!


On sunday I only showed Josie and she got an vg1. The judge said she is still in progess and has to get older. He also said, that she has a lovely character and a great movement!

Josie’s movement:


Beside our success on saturday, we met a lot of lovely people like Anjana from the netherlands. Her dog Luca got two times Res. CACA! Congratulations!

Three tris together:


The weekend was really great! Diego and Josie did a great job! I am sooooo proud! =)

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  • Wednesday June 17th, 2015 at 06:10 PM

    Thank you, it was really my pleasure to meet you! Your dogs are lovely!


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