Show in Innsbruck

On Friday the 9th of August we drove together with Claudia and Ilia to Innsbruck.

There we decided to visit the golden roof a sight.

Innsbruck1Innsbruck2The people in the city were exalted of the two shelties. They were behind us and took photos of the two beautys!

On the next morning we droved very early to the exhibition ground to get a good parking place. After waiting a long time to get in, we went to our ring. There we met Freya and Robin! It was nice to meet you again!

We had to wait a long time again untill Diego could show himself. He was standing like a pro!


The irish judge rated Diego with a very good. Diego got a really good judge report. There was written: “well presented”. I was very happy about that, because I am a bit uncertain in the ring by now.

After the show wie drove to a beautiful location with Claudia to take photos. Here a few impressions:

Innsbruck8Innsbruck21Innsbruck20Innsbruck18On sunday Diego got the second place (excellent 2). We were happy about that, because the opponents were very nice.

Here are a few more impressions:

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