Josie is 5 month old :)

Time is running and the little girl is growing up so fast. Her size is 33 cm at the moment and she nearly has all teeth.

There are some pictures of our shooting today:

19102014josie7kleinI am so proud of this little girl standing like a pro 🙂

19102014josie6klein 19102014josie5klein 19102014josie2klein 19102014Josie1klein19102014josieunddiego2klein

Josie gets bigger and bigger 🙂


Josie: I will catch ya grrr grrr!

DIego: Never!!! hihihihi


Diego: Come Josie we will creep away…

Josie: Good idea! I think than we will get more food 😀


It’s mine! It’s mine!

19102014josie3klein josiekleinspieliSiting and watching…

19102014josie8kleinLook at the camera for one moment:

19102014josie10kleinand now i’m gone!

19102014josie11kleinSee you!

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