A new family member

After a long trip to Poland, we catched up our new family member.. The little tricolor girl was sitting next to her sister and didnt know that she will has her biggest adventure in her life.

10 hours later we arrived at our house again (very tired, but happy) and Josie (the name of our little girl) got to know Diego.

Here a few pictures of the first days:

Sunday, 03.08.14

josie3josie4onlyone4josie2josie1süßbeideWednesday, 06.08.2014

Josie10.06.08.14Josie9.06.08.14Josie8.06.08.14Josie7.06.08.14Josie6.06.08.14spielenJosie5.06.08.14Josie2.06.08.14Josie1.06.08.14Josie 11Diego06.08.14Digi 06.08.2014Josie3.06.08.14Josie4.06.08.14They are a great team! So cute!! <3


See you 😉

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