Show in Bremen

Let’s go to Bremen!


We had to drive 3 hours to Bremen .

After we arrived at our hotel, we decided to visit Bremerhaven and Cuxhaven.

There we searched the sea unsuccesful, because the water was far away. At that moment there was tide.

Diego had a lot of fun in the mudflat. Here a few impressions:

Das Watt



On saturday morning we drived to the exhibition grounds. We were very nervous, because it was the first show for Diego and us. On the show we got to know very nice people. Thanks for your help and support. We would be happy to meet you all again soon.

After we waited a long time there was our moment in the ring. For his first time Diego presented himself very well. He got a very good 3 and a really good jugde report from Erika Heintz.

The first rosette Diego won on a show:

3rd place

Besides that, Diego got a new collar and leash from us.

neues Halsband und Leine

On the late afternoon we searched the town musicians of Bremen. After we made a detour, we found them. We thought they are bigger. Diego in front of the town musicians of Bremen:

Bremer Stadtmusikanten

On the next day I said: “I want a blue rosette or a yellow – they are more beautiful than the pink one.” The blue one was the second place and the yellow the third.

What happend? Diego got the first place with an Excellent and one abyance for the German youth champion! The opponents were very beautiful! I cant tell you how proud we are of our little chap! Thank you Betty and Lyn for this wonderful boy!



After a succesfull weekend we left Bremen with a happy smile on our faces.

Here a few more impressions of the show:

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